Sensory Testing

Sensory Testing

Sensory Testing

Sensory Testing

Sensory Testing is at the heart of what we do. The Sensory Fingerprint of a product and pack drives consumer engagement, determines overall appeal and defines your brand identity. Discover and develop your product experience using SensEyeTM.

At Sensory Dimensions, our Sensory Solutions extend far beyond Sensory Fingerprinting to include:

  • Discrimination Testing – to find out if formulation and process changes are perceptibly different
  • Temporal Profiling – for monitoring flavour and fragrance release and taste masking
  • Equi-Sweet & Profile – for characterisation of sweeteners and blends
  • Sorting – for screening down large sample sets ahead of consumer research or Fingerprinting
  • Rapid Profiling – faster and cheaper sensory mapping
  • OptiMap+TM: a sensory-led product optimisation

All our sensory panels undertake regular training to maintain their acuity and descriptive skills and are led by highly trained and experienced Sensory Scientists. Panels and Leaders bring their experience from across food, beverage, personal and homecare products to your project. Whether you have a one-off test, a long-term programme, or are looking for support with internal capacity, our panels can support.

Want the convenience of a dedicated panel without the administration? We manage and run dedicated panels for several of our commercial partners from our state-of-the-art facilities in Reading and Nottingham.

In this video, Managing Director Pam Beyts discusses the methods of sensory profiling used at Sensory Dimensions and gives an example of how they were applied to a sweetener study with DouxMatok (Produced by:

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