Sensory Testing

Sensory Testing

Sensory Testing

The sensory properties of products are vital to their success being important drivers of preference as well as distinct identifiers of brands.

At Sensory Dimensions, we offer a wide range of sensory solutions to accommodate your timelines, budget and project objectives. These include a range of sensory profiling techniques, product sorting and screening, difference and similarity testing and quality appraisal. We have sensory panels trained in food, beverage, skincare and personal care product evaluation including several panels dedicated to specific clients. We offer sensory consultancy and training, including Panel Leader training, for those who want to set up in - house facilities, implement new methods or explore the value of Sensory to their business.

Sensory profiling is used to product a blue print or finger-print picture of the sensory characteristics of your product. Comparison of these product fingerprints allows you to immediately see the similarities and differences. The applications are numerous and include product benchmarking, assessing the impact of product and process changes, and shelf life testing. Where Sensory really adds value is in the interpretation of consumer research. Linking sensory data on product characteristics with consumer preference and choice responses will identify the drivers of liking and hence reveal the routes to product improvement.

In this video, Managing Director Pam Beyts discusses the methods of sensory profiling used at Sensory Dimensions and gives an example of how they were applied to a sweetener study with DouxMatok (Produced by:

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