Presenting our Research – September 2022

We recently announced that SAM Sensory and Consumer Research has acquired Sensory Dimensions in the UK. Since the announcement, many companies have asked for meetings to understand the benefits to them of the larger SAM-Sensory Dimensions organisation.

One benefit is the increased global presence by having 19 sensory and consumer testing facilities in UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Morocco, China and the USA.

Another benefit is the expanded creative and innovative research capability across the group. This was evident at Eurosense 2022 in Finland last week where SAM presented papers and posters on a wide range of themes and innovations:

  • Conversational AI via Voice Bots for product evaluation.
  • AI applied to open-ended data.
  • Different methods for Drivers of Liking.
  • Using Gamification to increase consumers’ engagement in research
  • Effect of consumer participation frequency on research results
  • Substantiation of sensory product claims.
  • Dynamising sensory and consumer Research using “WhatSAM” technology.
  • Using research design to minimise the environmental impact of product development.

If you’d like to hear more about any of the above topics and innovations, or would like a meeting to discuss how the larger SAM-Sensory Dimensions company can benefit you, then please do get in touch.