Pack Design for Roast & Ground Coffee

Qualitative Research for optimisation of Packaging Design

The Challenge

To redesign the pack to maximise standout on shelf whilst conveying brand ethics, strength and flavour cues.

The Solution

A shopping pre-task to determine current perceptions and behaviour followed by a series of qualitative Product Labs™, which explored motivation for choice in the category and how these were being matched (or not) by the range.

Creative tasks using images, shelf mock-ups and pack design challenges allowed respondents to elucidate their ideal design for the coffee packs and clarified the role of each piece of on-pack information in product selection.

The Outcome

The Product Labs™ gave crystal clarity on 5 key areas that the pack design had to address, 3 of which were underperforming and a clear route forward. In addition, the research generated clear insight to the decision-making strategies consumers adopt at the coffee fixture.

The packs for the range were redesigned and the brand successfully relaunched to great feedback from both the sales team and customers.