Confectionery Brand Identity across Markets

The Challenge

In recent years, a family-run boiled sweet company expanded its global presence and its product range. The company wished to identify how the brand meaning & sensory signature of its CORE pillar products are perceived in different markets.

The Solution

Multi-disciplinary Qual, combining focus groups and sensory, in 4 markets.

Exploring perceptions & expectations of products and demand moments, via taste tests & group discussion.

  • > Products: 4 flavour types, 4-5 products per flavour type
  • > 3 demand moments

The Outcome

A set of universal characteristics the products must have, to remain within brand signature was defined.

Differences were seen across the markets for HOW the flavour types were perceived e.g., FR were more averse to ‘aggressive’ flavour executions whilst the home country was more nostalgic.