IFST SSG Mini Conference

IFST SSG Mini Conference

Perspective close up

Last week Sensory Dimensions attended the IFST SSG mini Conference. The event focus was 'Changing Perspectives in Sensory Science:Past, Present & Future' and we were fortunate enough to hear an excellent programme of speakers.

Firstly, Margaret Everitt gave anecdotes of Sensory experience throughout her career, both agency and client perspective. She highlighted key technological advances in data capture and analysis that had made life easier.

Hal McFie gave a thought-provoking talk on how "Sensory Science has got to move on." He spoke about the validity of Sensory methods used (e.g. triangle tests) -how often do we really eat 3 chocolate bars in a row and look for the odd one out? He argued that sensory characteristics are a small part of a product experience and our methods should capture additional aspects.

Linda Lopez discussed the difficulties of merging Mars (a company with very localised ways of working) with Wrigley (a company with more global processes). She described challenges involved in training a QDA panel to become a Spectrum panel, which sparked a lively debate about Spectrum vs QDA.

Finally, Carey Jewitt talked about the importance of touch in society and throughout history, and encouraged everyone to think about how this could be applied to their roles. Everybody had the opportunity to make a mood board, exploring the way that textures could be used to convey a memory or experience. Another really interesting and engaging SSG event.