Phasing the opening of our research facilities

Phasing the opening of our research facilities

The government’s roadmap for the easing of restrictions over the coming months enables us to plan how we intend to re-open our proprietary sensory and consumer research facilities in Reading and Nottingham.


Our current timetable is: 


19th April: open the facility for CLTs and for Sensory Profiling studies, limiting capacity to four respondents per panel room.

Basis for change: gyms, hairdressers etc. open from 12th April.

17th May: increase capacity to six respondents per room.

Basis for change: six people allowed to mix indoors.

21st June: increase capacity near to, or completely to, ‘normal’.
This later step will be reviewed and managed carefully to reflect the changes in society as a whole, the opinion of the public and our own staff.

Basis for change: all restrictions relaxed.

In the meantime, we continue to conduct sensory profiling, product and packaging consumer research remotely via in-home sensory panels, in-home CLTs and HUTs throughout the UK and world-wide.

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