'Engage with the Future' Pangborn 2019

'Engage with the Future' Pangborn 2019

Pangborn 2019

The frisson of excitement that swept through the EICC the moment that the four Scottish Pipers led the organising committee onto the stage on Sunday afternoon signaled this was going to a very special 13th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Almost 1200 attended, 55% of whom were from industry. Delegates were kept busy by five parallel streams of content across the five days. Complemented by a vibrant and creative exhibition, over 600 posters and a spectacular Gala Dinner at the National Museum of Scotland, there was something for everyone.

The over-arching message was that as Sensory and Consumer Scientists we have to continue to be alert to change; to be confident to try new and innovative approaches; to embrace existing and emerging technology; to explore the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence and big data; to always put the consumer experience at the heart of what we do; and to keep moving forward.

We enjoyed many excellent examples of research in all these areas. Moreover, we were treated to insights into how our subject is supporting product design within leading consumer goods company, Dyson, and how NASA embraces the discipline to develop food that is both nourishing and tasty for the next generation of space travel. Sensory and Consumer Research now interacts with more related disciplines than ever before including digital technologies, psychology, nutrition and economics. These interactions are critical to expand our influence and ensure that our organisations are consumer centric.

In order to elevate our status and have a seat at the top table of business we really must keep ‘Why?’ at the forefront of our thinking. The future demands great sensory and consumer science coupled with highly relevant and strategically focused thinking. Sensory Dimensions is collating a summary of the key conference presentations, workshops and learn shops. If you want to arrange to have a presentation of this to your colleagues, please contact Libby Good.