Could Sensory Science Improve Your Cosmetic Products?

Could Sensory Science Improve Your Cosmetic Products?

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Discovering Sensory Science

by Claire Humphreys, Programme Manager, Sensory Dimensions

"Originating in the food and beverage sector, sensory science is now an indispensable tool for personal care companies"

Traditionally, non-food sensory scientists have followed a tightly controlled and rigorous experimental design. The protocol for the preparation of samples, the environment in which they are tested and the design all influence the results obtained.

There is now much more awareness of how important it is to consider ‘real life’ experimental approaches to understand how consumers might perceive products in these situations. Good sensory data can still be collated under less controlled, more realistic conditions; for example, the sensory panel could operate from their own bathrooms rather than an on-site sensory facility.

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