Getting emotional about pack

Getting emotional about pack


The Challenge

A small manufacturer of toothpaste was looking to improve its position in the market. Previous research had suggested that the product was well liked and effective so they were looking to pack and brand communications to increase market share.

Our Strategy

Discussions with the client identified four main areas of concern:

  • What distinguished their product from other toothpastes? 
  • What attributes did consumers associate with their brand and this product? 
  • How to communicate their product benefits to the consumer?

It was evident that a clear understanding of the sector from the consumer's perspective was key to answering these questions.

What We Did

We worked with the client to identify 12 toothpastes that covered the sector including major brands and own label. Through depth interviews with 60 toothpaste users, we generated a vocabulary that described the emotional reaction to each of the toothpaste packs and the packaging cues that led to each. Respondents rated each of their emotional terms for each pack and subsequently also rated their expectation of key sensory characteristics.

What We Found

Multivariate analysis of emotional ratings gave maps showing how consumers perceived the toothpaste market. Further analysis revealed that the combination of a well-known brand, an interesting and informative pack and whitening claims evoked feelings of trust; confidence; excitement and approval. Consumers expected that the products giving these positive emotions would be effective, of a high quality with good breath freshening, whitening and tingling properties. Not surprisingly, these emotions and product attributes were consistent with the direction of purchase intent.


The client gained a clear picture of how consumers differentiated the toothpaste market, the emotions conveyed by packaging and how this impacted consumer expectation of product taste and performance. The team was able to see the position of their product in relation to competitors and identify the changes that they could make to optimise their pack and generate a positive consumer response.

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