Finding the Sweet Spot

Finding the Sweet Spot


The Challenge

  • To re-invigorate the flavour and texture of a well-known fruit chew whilst retaining its core sensory signature and differentiation from the competition.


The Solution

  • We defined the Sensory Fingerprint of the chew, test prototypes and competitors. After Consumer Product Testing, we used OptiMap+TM to define the Drivers of Liking for heavy and light users of the brand. 
  • The resulting predictive model showed the NPD technologist how to manipulate the flavour and texture attributes of the chew to increase its appeal.  


The Outcome

  • OptiMap+TM revealed the sensory changes needed to maximise appeal of the chew whilst both retaining its core market and attracting new users.
  • The predictive model meant that the consumer reation to further development prototypes could be predicted from the Sensory Fingerprinting reducing time and the cost to launch.


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