Facilitating Consumer Led Innovation

Facilitating Consumer Led Innovation

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The Challenge

To provide new development concepts within a crowded market.

Womens’ snacking demands are particularly fluid with increasing health awareness, and growing interest in ingredients and their functionality, superfoods and ‘bad’ foods. This is a particularly competitive sector with a product for every occasion.

Our client, a leading snack food manufacturer, was looking to gain fresh, on trend and reliable insights to formulate its next generation of products.


Our Strategy

A co-creation approach using a group of consumers from the target demographic.  The consumers and our client participated in a series of workshops to explore their snacking behaviours, needs and desires.

We designed a three stage, co-creation programme which allowed in-depth analysis of current snacking habits and opinions whilst also facilitating individual and group ideation. We involved the client as co-moderators in creative workshops which tested the stretch and demand of new possibilities.


What We Did

We recruited a team of articulate and creative women to join us on a four week co-creation journey.

Our programme began with focus groups exploring existing snacking behaviours. Afterwards, they were tasked to use our online diary tool to log and critique their snacking. This helped them to generate a new concept for a snack that would solve their existing frustrations. The consumers presented their concepts to the group in a concluding workshop, co-moderated by the client.  Here, we explored the sensory stretch of the consumers’ concepts using our proprietary Sense Stations technique.

To motivate our consumers to work hard, we positioned the concept development task as a competition with a prize for the best.


What We Found

Our ladies helped us co-create a diverse range of ideas around health aware but indulgent snacking by identifying areas where existing products were lacking and generating completely new concepts for snacks to satisfy their needs.

The project gave our client a sensory toolkit to build a health aware but indulgent snack.  They also had a detailed understanding of what sensory attributes were needed to create such a product: its textures, appearance, size and shape as well as the types of ingredients it should and shouldn’t contain.


Clear guidelines on how to satisfy both healthy and indulgent sensory cues, and how the two can be brought together in a product that would fit the busy lifestyles of the target consumers.

The R & D team was able to take the product ideas into further concept development and evaluation whilst being confident that they were reflecting consumer trends and aspirations.

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