Developing the optimum product range

Developing the optimum product range

Ice Cream

The Challenge

An ice cream company wanted to refresh its existing product line. It had six flavours including three best sellers: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, but the remaining three were selling badly despite being judged as of good quality and highly liked in blind testing. The client needed to understand why, and which new products should be included in the range to increase sales overall.

Our Strategy

We selected an approach which explored not only consumer reaction to the existing and proposed new flavours but also would identify the range of flavours which would have appeal to the widest possible number of people.

What We Did

The three existing flavours plus eight potential contenders were evaluated in a concept test amongst ice cream consumers. As well as rating their liking for each of the flavours, consumers rated their likelihood to buy. A TURF analysis was applied to the data (Total Unduplicated Range and Frequency) to identify overlap in the types of customer that would choose each flavour.

What We Found

Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla all performed well and this reinforced the client's decision to retain them in the range.

Based on the percentage of those who said they would ‘definitely buy' the new products, the three strongest candidates were Mint Choc Chip (47%), Cookies and Cream (38%) and Pistachio (35%). However the picture changed when the TURF analysis measured cumulative unduplicated penetration - that is, which new flavours would do most to extend the appeal of the product range. Based on this, Cherry (which 34% would ‘definitely buy') had more potential to attract new customers to the range than Cookies and Cream as Cookies and Cream buyers would also tend to buy vanilla and chocolate flavours.


The client successfully re-launched a range of six flavours, adding Cherry, Pistachio and Mint Choc Chip to Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla.

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