Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

The packaging sector continues to be firmly in the spotlight as the long term ecological implications of plastic use becomes more apparent. Globally, consumer pressure is intensifying on governments, manufacturers and retailers to initiate change towards packaging that reduces reduce plastic waste. The consumer is increasingly discerning about the product choices they make and are seeking out brands and products that have a better fit with personal and social values.

Technologists know that packaging is integral to the safety, quality and value of a product throughout its life cycle and that innovation of sustainable solutions needs to focus on all of these factors as well as engage consumers on an ethical and emotional level.

Sensory Dimensions recently held a one-day event 'Packaging Revolution and Sustainable Solutions' where we heard from expert speakers within the supply chain. Delegates discussed the future of packaging; and debated innovation and development of eco-friendly solutions that will meet consumer needs and expectations.

Overarching all of this innovation is a need to really understand what the consumer understands, wants and expects from sustainable packaging solutions as well as robust testing to determine if new products satisfy these needs. This is where Sensory Dimensions can help. From fast turn-around desk research to in-depth qualitative studies, shop-alongs and ethnography, through to large scale assessments of prototypes, we can support your packaging reformulation programmes every step of the way.


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