Personal Care during Lockdown

Personal Care during Lockdown

Keeping up appearances...

Spring 2020 COVID lockdown witnessed a monumental shift in consumers purchasing behaviour as a result of the national restrictive measures. People working from home were indulging in ice cream but neglecting their regular grooming habits. (

With pubs, restaurants, non-essential retail outlets and offices closed and a switch to home working, were consumers still keeping up with their personal care routines, or did they let them slide?

During the height of lockdown we conducted a survey and asked over 1000 consumers of all age groups about their personal care habits.

A massive 80% of women had changed their personal care routine, with the most change to hair care (probably due to lack of access to salons), make up and then nails. Only 22% had neglected their beauty routine. However 32% were more focused on their skin care routine, although it wasn't one of the top changes.

This is compared to 60% of men. Although men consisted of only a quarter of overall respondents, this is still a big majority. For men, shaving and haircare saw the largest change, again probably due to the closure of barber shops.

A third of all consumers were washing their hair less and the same amount had attempted a DIY style cut or colour.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, because of this, less money was being spent on beauty products. 40% of consumers were buying less product. This could be attributed to a combination of salon and retail closures or online stock availability.

During the months March-June 2020, prior to lockdown measures easing, 33% of consumers were treating their personal care routine as an indulgence.

Despite all this, most consumers agreed that looking after their appearance had a positive effect on their wellbeing. 

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