Keeping on Track

Keeping on Track


Over the past few months we have been talking to more clients about ‘Product Benchmarking'. Essentially this requires a comparison of your product with a number of competitors as either a one off study or more usually, at pre-defined intervals throughput the year. The approach is flexible: the comparison can be a sensory one using trained panellists to select and rate a range of product attributes or it can be a consumer test amongst users of the product type of interest, or best of all, it can be both.

As a one off, benchmarking provides a valuable insight as to how your product compares either in sensory terms, or in consumer acceptability, to its competitors. As a series, it allows you to keep a track of the consistency of your product in relation to your competitors, and keeps you informed as to what they may be doing to develop an advantage over you.

Benchmarking can be applied to any product although short shelf life products tend to be most often tested in this way. Recent projects at Sensory Dimensions have included baked goods, ready to eat snacks, dairy product and meals.

If you think benchmarking could help you keep a track on product quality please get in touch. We can work with you to design the optimum programme to meet your objectives and our extensive sensory testing suites and consumer data bases in both Reading and Nottingham mean that accommodating your testing is not a problem.

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