The Future of Sensory Science

The Future of Sensory Science

Pangborn 2019 was full of inspiration and ideas about how Sensory Science can continue to evolve and embrace new and innovative  techniques to move the field forward. 

Increasingly consumers are craving a personal experience from their products so it is more important than ever that sensory science understands consumer attitudes and how previous experiences affects future responses to a product. Listening to consumers to truly understand what drives them to buy a product or prevents them from doing so is vital so that we don’t make assumptions. 

Conveying our data into engaging and memorable product messaging will make connections with the consumer.  Optimising both quantitative and qualitative research to add context is essential in producing this coveted individual consumer experience.

Additionally, marketing is replacing the product as the primary communication device – it’s more important now than it ever has been that the messages conveyed by both branding and the product are harmonious. Making better use of social media to aid identification of upcoming trends will help us stay ahead of the game.

Sensory Dimensions have prepared and delivered a Pangborn summary presentation - if you are interested in hearing it please contact us.