Consumers and the Sugar Tax

Consumers and the Sugar Tax

Consumer Survey

Earlier this month it was announced that a new sugar tax on confectionery is likely to be in place by 2020 in an ongoing battle against obesity. This follows the UK sugar tax on soft drinks which came into force in April, however after 6 months, has buyer behaviour changed and have consumers shied away from high sugar beverages?

We sent an online survey out to a wide variety of consumers from across the UK using our extensive database of up to 10,000 people to see how consumers have responded. 

Our survey found that although prices may increase, consumers are still likely to buy the same products, with 54% of our consumers saying that the sugar tax has had no impact on their choice of drinks. These results agree with other studies that showed that although consumers tend to support the implementation of a sugar tax (63%, Ipsos MORI polling, 2018), overall, there doesn’t seem to have been a big impact on the majority of consumer buying habits. Public Health England also found similar results in 2016, concluding that purchasing habits weren't likely to be influenced by price increases until they exceed 20%.

In February 2019, we will be holding a special topic workshop on sugar reduction, with a focus on the soft drinks industry, post sugar tax. If you would like more information about this event then please contact us via email. Attendance at this event is by invitation only. 



We can create a bespoke online survey for you from a large consumer group across the UK or we can integrate one or two questions into our regular survey.

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