Bring your Concepts and Packaging to Life

Bring your Concepts and Packaging to Life

Bringing your Ideas, Concepts and Packaging to Life

With most consumer research now being pivoted online, research that looks at ideas, claims and concepts is, not surprisingly, taking priority. Where the research fits in a client’s innovation process is broad: from an embryonic idea, to a fully branded, final positioning + product range + packaging + price.

Regardless of the development stage at which the research is taking place, a crucially important need is the ability to represent the idea/concept/product/packaging in a truly life-like manner, whilst clearly demonstrating the consumer benefits visually.



Interactive 3D Movie Technology

Sensory Dimensions uses powerful interactive 3D and movie technology to create the absolute best representation of our clients’ ideas, product-concepts, and packaging. Examples include:

  • A rough sketch of an idea, at the very early stages of innovation, can be brought to life and the consumer appeal established.
  • Different product textures and colours can be created, enabling consumers to interact and choose their favourite product combinations.
  • High quality movies can demonstrate the consumer benefits of new packaging functionality.
  • New designs can be interactively diagnosed in fine 3D detail, including their appeal, uniqueness, and relevance.
  • Implicit and choice-based techniques can be used to visually optimise the key attributes of branding, product formats and packaging.

Agile Co-creation with Consumers

At the earliest stages of development, online qualitative co-creation workshops can be used to refine ideas ‘live’. This is a powerful way of working up conceptual ideas quickly into finished virtual products and packaging for consumers to evaluate further. Clients can then move to quantitative research for final improvements and quantifying level of consumer appeal and purchase intent.

Simulating Purchase at the Point-of-Sale

Ultimately, this technology can be deployed to simulate product purchase at the point-of-sale by mocking up retail fixtures and asking consumers to shop within a category. New products and packaging can be inserted within existing fixtures and a spontaneous behavioural measure of its purchase interest generated. This is a stringent measure but one that provides the necessary check for a new packs’ ability to change consumers’ purchase behaviour, particularly whilst access to grocery stores is difficult.

Summary of Our Consumer Research Approach

Projects are completely bespoke designed by Sensory Dimensions and any level of finish of stimuli that our clients have is developed into beautiful, life-like products and packaging. The survey and questionnaire are developed to collect the appropriate metrics and KPIs. A mixture of implicit techniques and explicit direct questioning techniques are combined with the power of the interactive 3D technology - used to engage with respondents and allow them freedom to ‘play’ with the imagery, by rotating packs and zooming in on the fine details. The diagnostics for optimisation and marketing communications are highly visual and actionable, such as ‘HotSpots’ and ‘HeatMaps’.

Affordable, fast, and flexible

The good news is that the additional cost of embedding this technology within normal online surveys is affordable and quick to deploy.

For a discussion and demonstration about how we can bring your ideas, product claims and packaging to life and research them, please get in touch.