Sugar Reduction: The Challenging Necessity

August 11, 2016

Sugar Reduction - the challenging necessity by Melvin Jay, Gunna Drinks Sugar reduction has become a challenging necessity. A necessity because high sugar consumption combined with sedentary lifestyles means Western populations are now faced with a life threatening and economically harmful obesity epidemic. Challenging because humans seem to...

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Just about Right Scales and Penalty Analysis

April 14, 2016

JAR Scales and Penalty Analysis Product development and marketing teams are often facing a common problem. How do we identify those ‘must have’ attributes in our products? How can we know which ones to dial up or down to increase preference? What is the optimum level of an attribute? Just about Right (JAR) scales are commonly used in...

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Finding your way in NPD

June 04, 2013

The value of qualitative research in exploring consumer reaction to new product concepts and motivations for purchase is well established.  It can help us understand more about what the consumer expects of our products and how we are performing against these expectations. So, if we think about orange juice, we may want to understand what the...

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Update on Thermal Tasters

August 28, 2012

We are busy and excited as we prepare for Eurosense 2012 where together with our PhD Student Candy, we will be presenting a poster update on our Thermal Taster research. Essentially a thermal taster (TT) is someone who detects a taste sensation when their tongue is either heated or cooled, when no taste stimulus is present! The temperature of...

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Totally Focussed…

March 02, 2012

It's been a fantastic week…  it's all been about Qual with groups running at our centres in Reading and Nottingham where we've been exploring the complexities of Nutrition and Emotions. We can't say much about the outcomes but it has given us a chance to reflect on the enormous value of talking directly to your consumer when trying to build a...

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