Discrimination Testing in Sensory Science

Discrimination Testing in Sensory Science

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Sensory Dimensions has contributed two chapters to a new book released this summer, which offers practical advice and guidance on the performance and analysis of discrimination testing.

Discrimination Testing in Sensory Science: A Practical Handbook, covers all aspects of difference testing: the history and origin of different methods, the practicalities of setting up a difference test, replications, the statistics behind each test, dealing with the analysis, action standards, and the statistical analysis of results. It is edited by Lauren Rogers, an independent sensory scientist with over twenty years of experience in planning, running and analysing discrimination tests.

Chapter 9 on Tetrad testing was written by Tracey Sanderson, and Chapter 13 by Ruth Greenaway describes the ABX discrimination task method.

This book will provide an excellent insight for academics in sensory and consumer science and any sensory scientist working in research and development, new product development, or quality control.