Our people are at the heart of what we deliver at Sensory Dimensions and 'Team' forms a very strong element of our culture. When you work with us you will meet some of our team and deal with them on a daily basis. Others may always remain in the background. You might like to be introduced to them here.

Amanda Kirkham

Senior Technician, Nottingham

Amanda has been at Sensory Dimensions for 4 years, working in Hair, Skin cream and on numerous CLT’s. She is now the Technician for the new Laundry Panel.

She loves to horse ride with her daughter Kacey 14, who has a horse called Ruby and also likes going on long walks with Treacle the Dog.


Amanda Talbot

Agency Field Manager, Reading

Amanda is the key contact for Sensory Dimensions' agency clients. She manages food and beverage studies both on and off site.

Outside of work she enjoys all sorts of handicrafts, including rug making, crochet and embroidery. She also loves her greenhouse and everything growing in it.


Anna Cheung

Technician, Nottingham

Anna is a Technician in the Health & Personal Care team. Her day involves writing panel reports, invoicing, preparing samples, setting up study paperwork and running fieldwork.

In her spare time, Anna likes to experiment with new recipes, spend time with her pet rabbit Oreo, catch up on soaps or watch a good box set.


Anneliese Hill

Recruitment Manager, Reading

Anneliese manages the Reading Recruitment team, ensuring that our studies are full of eligible consumers. She is also responsible for the recruitment of casual staff, their training and timesheets. Part of her role is to grow the recruitment database and she is always finding new and creative ways to sign up more consumers.

In her spare time, Anneliese likes to go for family walks and days out with Lana the dog, her husband and two lovely Children. She belongs to a book club and enjoys discovering new books to read. Socializing and entertaining friends and family are a big part of her life.


Catriona Quigley

Senior Account and Project Manager, Nottingham

Catriona is the Senior Account and Project Manager for food and beverage in Nottingham. Day to day, her work consists of managing a team of project managers and technicians, coordinating the running of multiple studies within the facility and providing the team with the support and development opportunities they need to ensure a quality experience for our clients.

She has an MSc in Nutrition and Food Science and keeps up her interest in nutrition, health and fitness as a hobby. She bakes a mean chocolate cake and loves Nottingham's live music venues


Danielle Dale

Project Manager, Nottingham

Danielle is a Project Manager within the Home and Personal Care team. Her work involves looking after our more regular clients and liaising with them to ensure we have everything in place for their projects.

In her spare time, you can usually find Danielle spending time with her family and friends. When the weather is not too cold, she likes to go out running with her dog, Casey, otherwise she will be curled up on the sofa in front of the TV.


Denys Thomas

Receptionist, Reading

Denys shares the role of Receptionist with Jane Galvin. She spends her time welcoming visitors, operating the switchboard, organising client refreshments, post and purchasing stock. She also conducts weekly health and safety and fire checks, and tries to help out other departments in any way she can.

Outside of work, Denys coaches netball and spends a her time travelling around the South with her teams. She also loves doing a bit of shopping when she can fit it in.


Doerte Tetley

Recruitment Assistant, Nottingham

Doerte is the Recruitment Assistant in Nottingham. It falls under her domain to register new consumers, tidy up the database, recruit for studies, answer phone calls, input and check the recruitment data, set up projects on the database and support the Recruitment Manager, Marie, in any way she can.

In her spare time, Doerte enjoys walking, going to the seaside, spending time with her friends, being part of her church and if time allows, she also does some painting and drawing.


Dorothy Rubery

Receptionist, Nottingham

Dorothy is the person who welcomes all our visitors and who operates our Nottingham switchboard. She manages all our orders and deliveries and co-ordinates our meeting rooms and meetings.

In her free time, Dorothy likes to relax with her family, read, play board games, do sudoku and compete in athletic competitions; throwing the hammer


Emma Smith

Senior Technician, Nottingham

Emma is a Technician in the Home and Personal Care team so she spends her time organising and running product evaluations.

When she's not at work, she loves spending her time with her family especially going for long walks with her daughter and husband and their family dog. She also enjoys going to their family cottage in Norfolk for lots of peace and tranquility. Being by the sea is where Emma feels the whole family can really relax.


Gail Underwood

Technician, Nottingham

As a Technician, Gail is responsible for organising our facilities and equipment for Consumer and Descriptive Sensory studies on personal care products.

When she's not doing that, Gail's time is spent with visits of children and grandchildren, listening to music, being creative with home crafts, gardening and growing orchids.


Graham Comery

Technician, Nottingham

Graham is a Trainee Technician with the Food and Beverage team. His day involves preparing samples for consumer studies and panels.

In his spare time, Graham collects Japanese Pachislo machines and enjoys playing music.


Hannah Weston

Recruitment Assistant, Reading

Hannah is the Recruitment Assistant in Reading and co-manages the team along with Anneliese, the Recruitment Manager. She ensures that we have the right consumers for our studies. She is also responsible for registering new consumers, maintaining the database, helping recruit for studies, answering calls and sending out email blasts.

In her spare time Hannah enjoys shopping, baking, spending time with friends and if time allows, a spa day.


Jane Galvin

Receptionist, Reading

Jane is one of the Receptionists in Reading, along with Denys Thomas. Her role involves welcoming visitors, operating the switchboard, organising client refreshments, deliveries and purchasing stock. She also conducts weekly health and safety and fire checks. When she has any spare time, Jane helps out the other teams with day-to-day tasks.

Jane likes to run several times a week, which means she gets to eat more cakes! She has a love of food and enjoys cooking.


Jane Randall

Programme Manager, Nottingham

Jane is the Programme Manager for household and personal care products in Nottingham. She coordinates a team of project managers and technicians; ensuring that every member in her team is highly skilled and able to deliver top quality, novel research to their clients.

She has a BSc in Food Science and an addiction to tea. In her spare time, Jane loves to bake, and often spends evenings playing board games or stealing cuddles from her nieces and nephews, be they human or canine.


Jennie Wilson

Marketing Administrator, Reading

Jennie is responsible for the marketing and communications for Sensory Dimensions. She spends most her time supporting the training and workshop events, the organisation and logistics for conferences and exhibitions, as well as monitoring the social media activities.

In her spare time Jennie enjoys being creative in the kitchen, trying new dishes and learning new cooking techniques. She also enjoys country walks and playing netball.


Jurate Bladzinauskiene

Finance Administrator, Reading

Jurate is responsible for the day-to-day administration in the Finance Department. Her job involves maintaining the Company's financial records, from collecting and entering data on the system to summarising information for analysing reports, so that the management accounts provide an accurate picture of the business.

Jurate enjoys being active and is always full of new ideas and plans. She loves life and is passionate about having a healthy lifestyle. One day, she hopes to find more spare time to learn to play an electric violin.


Katja Worner

Technical Support Officer, Nottingham

What does Katja do at Sensory Dimensions? She supports the projects teams in Food & Beverage as well as Home & Personal Care with technical advice, data analysis and interpretation of a variety of different data sets – something she truly enjoys and never gets bored of.

Outside the business, Katja loves cycling, singing, reading, her rabbits and the garden, as well as going go to the movies or theatre. She is also actively involved in community work at a local Methodist church.


Lauren Henry

Project Manager, Reading

Lauren's days involve liaising with clients and other members of the Sensory Dimensions team to lead projects through a variety of stages. She may be planning a project; running a sensory panel or consumer study, analysing data or writing a report.

Outside of work, Lauren enjoys dancing, (including ballet), going on walks and watching films. She is an avid reader and would happily read a book a day if time allowed. Lauren also loves food and describes her ideal evening as one of good food and the company of my friends and family.


Libby Good

Business Development Manager, Reading

As Business Development Manager, Libby's role is to develop and maintain client relationships and build awareness of Sensory Dimensions.

In her spare time, she enjoys running, skiing, walking and generally keeping active. Libby has run the London Marathon twice (not on the same day!) and loves cooking at home, going out to eat, music festivals and the company of great friends.


Lorna Watson

Project Leader, Nottingham

Lorna is our placement student from Nottingham University based at our Nottingham site within the Food & Beverage team. Her role as Project Assistant involves assisting in managing consumer research projects, running food panels and writing reports.

Lorna's hobbies include baking, sailing and caving with the Nottingham University Caving Club.


Louisa Tomlinson

Panel Leader, Nottingham

As a Panel Leader Louisa's role involves the set up and running of panels and studies. She also helps the team of technicians maintain the facility and with stock control.

Out of work she spends time on lots of fun activities with her children. She enjoys socialising with her partner and friends and, as a keen gardener, her favourite summer activity is pottering around the garden with her chickens.


Maggie Dyer

Technician, Nottingham

As a Technician Maggie's role is to prepare samples for studies, welcome consumers to our facility, control stock levels and maintain the cleanliness of the facility.

She loves spending time with her children and her six grand children. They do baking, gardening and trips to the seaside in their caravan. She also enjoys going out and socialising with her husband and friends.


Mala Choudhury

Project Manager, Reading

In her role as a Project Manager at Sensory Dimensions, Mala works on both trained panel and consumer research projects for a large variety of clients. She is involved in various stages of a project from project set up, through to fieldwork, data analysis and reporting.

Outside of work, Mala enjoys spending time with family and friends, trips to the theatre, music concerts and travelling to exotic destinations. She also loves to bake when time allows and is most famous amongst her family and friends for her rice pudding and vanilla cheesecake


Marie Stainsby

Recruitment Manager, Nottingham

Marie's days include recruiting new consumers and entering demographic data. She also deals with taking on new casual staff, training them, booking them in for work and keeping an eye on their times sheets.

She is the mother to two beautiful children and wife to her lovely husband, so spends time doing things for them. But she finds time to go tap dancing and get her nails and hair done


Nicola Stendhurst

Programme Manager, Nottingham


Oliver Woodman

Technician, Reading

Oliver assists the project managers with sensory and consumer tests including sample preparation, fieldwork, analysis and various paperwork. He also assists with general housekeeping duties at the Reading site.

In his spare time Oliver enjoys playing basketball and guitar, watching films and socialising with friends.


Oly Thompson

Qual Researcher, Reading

Oly has over 10 years of experience in qualitative research and client consulting in FMCG. He is an expert in the design, moderation, analysis and reporting of qualitative research, with a special interest in sensory product and packaging solutions. He combines traditional face-to-face approaches with digital technology.

Oly is an independent consultant and founder of TangTiger.


Pam Beyts

Chairman, Reading

Most of Pam's time is spent listening to clients' business needs then devising first class research programs to give them clear direction on developing and maintaining winning brands.

Her main hobby is dancing – Ballet, Tap, Ballroom, Latin and Old Time. In the summer she has a heavy festival-going schedule including Glastonbury and the Edinburgh Festival. As a co-owner of a lighthouse in Scotland, there are also trips up north to review renovation progress.


Rebecca Waterfield

Trainee Project Manager, Nottingham

Rebecca is a Trainee Project Manager working in the Home and Personal Care department with a focus on Deodorant products. Her work involves running deodorant panel research projects, data analysis and writing reports.

Rebecca proudly holds a Masters degree in Neuropsychology from the University of Edinburgh. In her spare time she enjoys playing the piano, going to the cinema to watch a good horror film, going out for good food with friends, and spending time by the sea.


Ruth Greenaway

Quality and Technical Development Manager, Nottingham

Ruth’s job involves two key areas: maintaining quality and further developing technical capability within the business. Quality is maintained through audits and various quality checks while technical interests of the company are upheld through research projects in current sensory topics, writing scientific papers and contributing to book chapters.

Away from work she loves to spend time outdoors; walking and cycling in the countryside with her husband and son. She is a keen musician and enjoys playing alto sax, piano and clarinet.


Sairah Vivian

Finance Manager, Reading

Sairah is in charge of the accounts department and production of monthly management accounts.

Apart from that she leads a very active life with two young children, a passion for skiing and the Alps. She also fits in dancing and teaching pre-school French.


Sarah Hale

Marketing Manager, Reading

Sarah is responsible for the marketing and communications for Sensory Dimensions. This role includes implementing marketing campaigns, event planning, maintaining all promotional material, and managing social media activities. 

Outside work, Sarah loves to spend as much time as she can with her friends and family.


Sarah McKenna

Senior Technician, Nottingham

Sarah joined Sensory Dimensions as a sensory panellist in Home and Personal care. She then moved into our recruitment team, recruiting people for consumer research studies. Sarah now works as a technician in the food and beverage team. Her role includes preparing samples and the test room for consumer studies, maintaining the facility and supporting the Project Managers with project related administration.

In her spare time Sarah enjoys spending time with her family and running around after her son. She also enjoys walking her dog, going swimming and socialising. She loves a good movie and going shopping to look for a great bargain


Simon Hails

Director, Reading

Simon began his career in Sensory & Consumer Research over 20 years ago and it has seen him take on both agency and client side roles. He has answered a wide and diverse range of research questions during this time from all sectors across the industry and loves designing innovative and creative solutions. Simon was most recently at Mondelez International, where he spent each and every day conducting research on chocolate.

Outside of work, Simon's love of food continues. He is a keen cook and gardener, growing his own fruit and vegetables on an allotment. He enjoys walking, spending time with family and exploring the River Thames in his canoe.


Tara Purser

Office & Facility Manager, Nottingham

No working week is the same for Tara, which is why she loves her job. It can go from Health & Safety, broken boilers, blocked drains or PC problems, to arranging training and new staff induction programmes in an instant.

Her limited free time is spent watching comedy and going to concerts, shopping, doing up the house and walking Ruby, the dog.


Thomas Holmes

Project Leader, Reading

Tom is a placement student from The University of Reading. His days involve managing the Qualitative Descriptive Analysis panel, liaising with clients, ordering samples, leading panels, analysing data and writing reports. He also assists our team with central location tests and is involved with sensory testing panels.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys cooking and playing korfball, and when he is visiting his family he enjoys hiking in the Peak District


Tracey Sanderson

Managing Director, Reading

Tracey's fascination with Sensory Science started at Reading University. Then she trained as a sensory scientist before working for Cadbury as a Sensory Panel Leader, Sensory Manager and Business Development Manager. Her days are now spent liaising with clients and potential clients and co-ordinating the sales, marketing, finance and IT functions of the business

Away from work she practices yoga, runs and loves to read.


Wayne Smith

IT Systems Analyst & Facilities Support Assistant, Reading

Wayne is responsible for ensuring our IT runs effectively across both of our sites. His key role is finding and implementing solutions to issues that arise within the network. As the Facilities Support Assistant, he deals with contractors, service visits, and Health and Safety inductions in Reading.

Wayne likes to spend his time away from work going to the pub or riding his motorbike, ‘The Hornet’. He's recently taken up snowboarding and wakeboarding and he has a dog called Fred.


Weronika Onufruk

Senior Technician, Nottingham

Weronika's days usually start before sunrise and see her preparing samples, running studies and completing post study paperwork.

Weronika has a toddler that keeps her very busy when not at work! She also enjoys shopping, meeting friends and going out.  She works up a sweat with yoga classes and cycling around the local parks - when the Nottingham weather lets her.

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