Home and Personal Care

Home and Personal Care

Our Home and Personal Care facility is located in Nottingham.

This unique facility has been specifically designed to allow realistic in-context assessment of your products whilst controlling the huge number of external variables that in-home testing can introduce.

The facility has 15 totally private booth rooms each with a sink and large mirror allowing consumers and sensory panelists to use products just as they would at home.  The booths have rapid air extraction which ensures that fragrances do not travel around the facility and allowing us to test air-care products with confidence.  In addition, eight of the booths have portholes …ideal for those samples that require a little more care with respect to fragrance handling.

There are also four shower booths for assessment of shower gels, soap, haircare systems, depilatories and so on.

The booth and shower rooms have cameras and one-way mirrors so you can watch the action as it happens, even from your desk.

We also have a laundry suite with a series of identical washing machines, driers and temperature controlled drying room for assessment of laundry fragrance and functionality.

Fieldwork is supported by our dedicated in-house recruitment teams, always ensuring that the right consumers participate in your research.

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