Health Care

Health Care

Your trusted partner for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Research

  • Over 10 years’ experience of palatability and acceptability studies on pharmaceutical and healthcare products to ICH GCP standards
  • Trained sensory panel for flavour, mouthfeel and skin feel evaluations
  • Extensive database of consumers for targeted recruitment
  • Clinical partner to provide medical screening and adverse event monitoring 
  • Access to a local Independent Ethics Committee*
  • Nationwide consumer research capability
  • Qualitative ideation and co-creation expertise for concept development

At Sensory Dimensions we understand the needs of our pharma clients and work with them to design a study protocol that balances these objectives with the limitations introduced by the products. Our expertise covers GSL, P and POM Pharmaceuticals, borderline medical substances, nutritional supplements and foods for special diets, medical devices, topical medicines and pharmaceutical packaging.

We offer a range of Sensory and Consumer Research methodologies to suit your objectives and budget including sensory evaluation by trained panels, and quantitative and qualitative consumer acceptability and palatability evaluations.

At all stages of a project we will work in partnership with you and your Clinical teams to reassure you that your requirements for subject safety and ethical compliance will be fully met.

*Reading Independent Ethics Committee. Further information is available on request.

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