At Sensory Dimensions our Culture is central to the way we work and the way we behave, both to each other and to our Clients. The Culture is the value framework by which we run our business and so we would like to share it with you.

Knowledgeable & Capable

We have a high level of technical knowledge and practical experience: we continually strive to improve our capability through training and personal development.


We strive to deliver excellence in all our work. We take pride in working accurately, consistently and with great attention to detail. We endeavour to exceed the expectations of our clients.


We work hard and stay focused on the task at hand. We work diligently and see a task through to the end. 


We have a positive ‘can-do' attitude. We are motivated to do a good job and look forward to each challenge.


We react positively to accommodate the changing needs of clients and colleagues. We remain flexible and resourceful at all times. 


We will treat all information with confidentiality and behave with the utmost discretion. 


We work together to achieve our common goals. We have a strong team identity and are always willing to encourage, help and support each other.

Fun & Humour

We have fun at work and maintain a good sense of humour. We bring fun into the workplace to boost morale and create a positive atmosphere. 

Friendly & Approachable

We act in a friendly manner and endeavour to provide an environment where others feel comfortable to talk freely and ask for advice. 


We strive to understand the needs and feelings of our colleagues, clients, trained panels and consumers. We take time to listen as well as speak, acting thoughtfully and treating people with respect at all times.

Honesty & Integrity

We will be honest with ourselves, our colleagues and our clients. We will be accountable for our actions and adhere to the standards and principles established by Sensory Dimensions.

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