How do consumers interact with your product or packaging?

Does this experience impact their perception of your brand?

And how does this change over time?


Capturing consumer behaviour and attitudes in the moment of truth has always been a challenge – but WhatSAM enables you to do exactly that.

WhatSAM is our innovative consumer research solution, utilising instant messaging services like WhatsApp to dive into consumers’ everyday lives and collect real-time feedback on your product, packaging or brand. WhatSAM is a multi-media data collection approach that allows you to:

  • Assess products, packaging and brands anywhere and anytime – without any limitations.
  • Connect with consumers repeatedly at different times and track changes over time.
  • Analyse text, voice, images, videos and emoticons to fully understand consumer attitudes and emotions, using an intuitive communication platform: the consumer’s own smartphone.

SAM-Sensory Dimensions is running a series of FREE webinars showcasing our innovation programme. Our first one: ‘WhatSAM’ explored how this new multi-media approach can add extra insight to your research!

Missed the webinar?  Catch up here.