Do you know what consumers experience when they use your product?

Do you understand its unique flavour, texture, aftertaste delivery?

Can you explain how the skin feel and fragrance of your brand differs from those of your competitors?

If not, then SensEyeTM may be the solution you need.

The sensory experience of a product makes up its Sensory Fingerprint. This Fingerprint engages consumers, drives appeal and forges connection with your brand.

Here are some of questions that Sensory Fingerprinting will answer:

  • How does my product compare to the competition?
  • Why is my product under-performing?
  • What is the impact of changing the sweetener system in my formulation?
  • How can I cut ingredient costs without reducing appeal?
  • How does my product vary across different production sites?
  • What claims can I make about the sensory experience of my brand?

SensEyeTM uses a small team of carefully selected and trained sensory panel members to define and quantify the individual sensory properties that make up the overall experience of your product.

It is a comparative technique, comparing different brands and/or prototypes. Results have statistical validity, are visual and immediately actionable. Find out how you might gain from getting to know your products with SensEyeTM.

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