Quantitative Consumer Research

Quantitative Consumer Research

Quantitative Consumer Research

Quantitative consumer research is at the heart of what we do at Sensory Dimensions. Using Central Location and Home Use testing, we design studies that explore consumer liking for products, appeal of concepts and potential purchase behaviour.

All of our studies are unique and each is designed with your specific objective in mind. We have enormous data bases of consumers and dedicated in-house recruitment teams who ensure the correct demographic group of consumers takes part in your study. Over 90% of our Central Location Tests are carried out in our own purpose built facilities.

For food and beverage testing, this means we use our extensive product preparation kitchens giving an unprecedented level of control over product preparation and serving. For personal care products, our specially designed testing suite ensures the total privacy of consumers and eliminates fragrance carry over.

Quantitative consumer research has numerous applications. Our expertise includes product and brand comparisons, new concept and prototype evaluation, product benchmarking, product optimisation, identification of the drivers of liking and the definition of consumer language.

Consumer language studies investigate how consumers both describe and discriminate products and the words they use to do so. By tapping into and using these consumer relevant words we can get marketing and on-pack messaging spot on as well as better understand consumer feedback.

The emotional connection between product and the consumer is of particular interest especially uncovering the sensory cues (the flavour, fragrance, texture, skinfeel and appearance characteristics) that trigger the emotional response.

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