Qualitative Consumer Research

Qualitative Consumer Research

Qualitative Consumer Research

At Sensory Dimensions we truly believe the best way to understand your consumer and what drives their decisions is to listen to them.

Our qualitative offering focuses on three key areas aimed at supporting product development from generating new product design ideas, through to prototype and comms testing;

  1. Unearthing opportunities through ethnography:
    Understanding context around a product, visually documenting consumer behaviours and usage to identify unmet needs.
  2. Idea generation through co-creation:
    Working with consumers to source fresh innovation. This approach has been used to assist the design of new foods and drinks, to hair care prototypes and to pharmaceutical product formats amongst many others.
  3. Feedback though focus groups:
    Consumer response testing concepts, prototypes, packaging and comms.

Using our sensory expertise, we've developed proprietary techniques that specialise in defining sensory parameters, to guide technical development of prototype products. We provide consumers with the tools to better articulate what a product has to be like to best fit their needs and preferences. For example, how thick should it be; how sweet; how big should the pieces be; what ingredients would be and not be listed on the label; what would the packaging look like?

We offer a bespoke approach integrating traditional and innovative methodologies to create a tailored research programme. We aim to deliver insight to inspire and guide your product development in the right direction.

Our moderators are highly experienced and AQR trained. All work as the Project Manager for your qual project meaning that they design, run, analyse and report the qual sessions with your objectives top of mind throughout.

We often integrate qual research with quantitative approaches to give greater depth and insight into consumer motivation and choice.

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