Product Optimisation

Product Optimisation

Product Optimisation

Making the ideal product depends on knowing what your consumer wants. So a successful product optimisation study needs to solve the questions, "what do people like, and dislike, about my product?" and "who likes and dislikes my product". It must also recognise that not all consumers like the same things. Going beyond the average and segmenting consumers into groups according to preference is critical.

At Sensory Dimensions we approach Product Development and Optimisation by combining Sensory product profiles and Consumer preference data to identify what consumers like and why they like it. We segment consumers based on their liking and define the preference drivers for each segment. By pin-pointing these 'must have' drivers of liking, we offer clear routes to the improvement of existing products and the development of prototypes.

Underpinning the process is the well established technique of Preference Mapping, an advanced statistical modelling tool that tells you:

  • What products consumers like and dislike
  • How consumers are segmented in terms of liking
  • What gaps there may be in the market for new products
  • The key sensory drivers of preference
  • How to optimise your product's sensory profile to maximise preference

The output is a statistical model relating the Sensory Profile of the product to preference. The model predicts preference for future development samples based on their sensory profiles.

Typically the model remains valid for up to three years and can, can save the cost of constantly re-submitting prototype samples for further rounds of consumer testing.

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