Product Labs

Product Labs

A proprietary qualitative technique that translates Concept to Product. Product LabsTM defines the sensory guardrails for the Product based on the expectations generated by the Concept and so enables technical development to bring your concept to life.

Use Product LabsTM to:

  • Turn a Concept into an actionable set of clear development guidelines
  • Define the stretch and limits of the concept
  • Determine the fit of prototypes to the design target
  • Understand the ingredients that will work on your pack label
  • Select a pack that fits with the concept

During a series of inter-active and creative workshops, we provide consumers with the tools to articulate what combination of sensory attributes they expect from the concept. For example, how thick should it be; how sweet; how big should the pieces be; what ingredients would there be (or not) what would the packaging look like?

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