Product Dimensions

Product Dimensions

Product DimensionsTM

Product DimensionsTM will define how appealing your products and packs are to consumers and give insight on how to improve them.

Use Product DimensionsTM to benchmark against competitors, determine if new formulations and designs are an improvement, and to track performance with time. It is a critical step in product optimisation and NPD.

We design all aspects of the research with you. Whether it is blind testing, or brand or concept-led, we will advise on the best study design and recruitment criteria to answer your questions. Field and tab, and full-service options are available.

Testing is On-Line, In-Home or in a Central Location depending on your objective and can be organised anywhere in the world. For Central Location Tests in the UK we usually use our own state of the art facilities in Reading and Nottingham which means we can respond quickly and cost effectively.

Our fieldwork standards are second to none which, combined with our facilities, makes Sensory Dimensions the preferred UK partner for many international market research agencies.

Adding value...

Adding short 1-to-1 interviews, mini focus groups or Vox-Pops, after a Central Location Test, provides a great way of digging deeper and understanding more about the reasons behind consumer choices. By bringing the human touch to the research story they increase its impact amongst commercial stakeholders.

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