Claim Substantiation

Claim Substantiation


Claim Substantiation

The use of sensory claims in product promotion is increasingly being used to highlight a point of difference against competitors. Established in the personal care sector, the use of claims in food and beverage markets is also increasing.

Typically, Claims can be:

  1. Superiority over another product, either in terms of hedonics, or specific product attributes. For example, "thicker than brand x", or "tastes better than any other".
  2. Non-comparative communications claims such as "leaves your laundry with lasting freshness".

We have helped many of our clients to substantiate claims, either on-pack, or in advertising and other promotional material.

We work with our clients to:

  1. Select the most motivating claims from a long list of ideas.
  2. Design research to evaluate claims with consumers.
  3. Ensure that claims are statistically defensible against potential challenge

Techniques include Sensory or Quantitative Consumer Research or a combination of both.

We also have access to visually powerful online 3D movie technology that brings product and packaging claims to life. The technology enables consumers to interact with products and packaging as part of an online quantitative survey.

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