Claim Substantiation

Claim Substantiation


Claim Substantiation

The use of sensory claims in product promotion is increasingly being used to highlight a point of difference against competitors. Once more popular in the personal care sector, the use of claims in food and beverage markets is increasing.

At Sensory Dimensions we have helped many of our clients design studies to provide data to substantiate claims either on-pack or in advertising and other promotional material. Claims can be of superiority over another product either in terms of hedonics or specific product attributes, or non-comparative, that is communications claims. Examples of comparative claims might be "thicker than brand x" or "tastes better than any other" whereas communications claims could include "leaves your laundry with lasting freshness".

We work with our clients to help them select the claims that they wish to make and design research that will fully support their claim whilst being robust against potential challenge. Techniques can include Sensory or Quantitative Consumer Research or a combination.

Developing Sensory Claims

Thursday 8th November, 2018

If you are interested in sensory claims, we are running a Developing Sensory Claims workshop at the Sensory Dimensions facility in Reading.

This will be a very interactive and practical session with syndicate work and feedback, including teams working through a typical claim scenario from start to finish so that when you leave the workshop you are equipped to work on this type of problem.

Full details and workshop programme 

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