The Packaging Revolutions and Sustainable Solutions

The Packaging Revolutions and Sustainable Solutions

Sensory Dimensions Packaging Workshop - Thursday 10th October

The packaging sector is firmly in the spotlight as the long term ecological implications of plastic use are being realised. Governments, manufacturers, retailers and consumers all have responsibilities for the reduction of packaging waste, providing a major incentive for future innovation.

Consumers are now more perceptive than ever regarding the product choices they make and the use or over-use of packaging. Whilst packaging can help to maintain the value and quality of a product, it is also a significant contributor to the volume of waste itself. Innovation and sustainability in packaging design is now essential to engage with consumers on an ethical and emotional level.

At this one day Packaging workshop we will hear from expert speakers who will debate the future of packaging by exploring the challenges faced by the UK food industry; the innovation and development of eco-friendly solutions to meet consumer needs and expectations; and how targeted consumer research can guide success.

Arrival from 9.30am with the agenda starting at 10am and running until 4pm. (lunch will be provided).

Spaces are limited so please get in touch if you would like an invitation to this event. 

Programme details to be released soon.

10.00     Introduction & welcome

10.15     Packaging – where are we now? Sanjay Patel, The Packaging Collective

11.00     Together we can Roy Cox, WRAP

11.45     Closed Loop Recycling  Justin Kempson, Charpak

12.30     What are you looking at? The elements of food and drink packaging consumers pay attention to and why? Carol Raithatha, Carol Raithatha Ltd.

1.15       Lunch

1.45       Compostable Packaging  Andy Sweetman, Futamura Packaging

2.30       Consumer responses to sustainable packaging material  Stella Lignou & Bola Oloyede, University of Reading

3.00       A touchy subject: Does tactile texture impact on our fragrance perception?  Danielle Dale, Sensory Dimensions3

3.45       Discussion

4.15       Close