Product Optimisation

Develop the best product in the category

Product improvement is good but why not optimise your product's performance to become the best?

The ideal approach to establishing, and maintaining, the best performing products over the long term is by using our OptiMap+™ approach.

Other popular ways to optimise products centre around single, or multi-product, consumer testing. Optimisation techniques are applied to the consumer data, including Just-About-Right scales and Penalty Analysis.

To gain a deeper and more emotional understanding of products to aid optimisation, Qualitative interviews can be integrated with the robust quantitative data. We also integrate implicit techniques to gain an unprompted reaction to products using our SynaSense™ approach.

Increasingly, we are deploying voice activated technology within in-home user experience testing. This is proving particularly powerful for evaluating products during usage when hands aren’t free to complete questionnaires.

Please contact us about product optimisation and we will design the best approach for your business objectives, timescale and budget.