Product Cost Reduction

Protect your sales and increase profitability

Taking cost out of your products and processes is always a business requirement at some point.

For some businesses, this is an ongoing quest. We see it as our job to help make sure that your consumers don’t notice a difference, but if they do, that they don’t mind.

To ensure that your consumers remain satisfied, and your sales remain unaffected, it is critically important to design research correctly. Sample size, sample target group, location of research, handling and serving of products and data collection are just a few factors that need consideration.

You really do need the most trustworthy agency for this type of research as the consequences of getting it wrong could be catastrophic in terms of sales.

Fortunately, Sensory Dimensions is here for you, and we can combine understanding changes in product sensory attributes with what consumers think about those changes.

You will get clear and honest advice about ‘go’ or ‘no go’ decisions for your cost-reduced products. Please contact us when you need our help.