Deliver the best performing product in your category

OptiMap+™ is our best practice approach to deliver the best performing product in your category.

It is a strategic approach that has an enduring ROI over many years.

There are several reasons why this is achieved:
It is completely objective and data driven.
It removes the iterative cycle of develop, test, re-develop, test…...thus saving money.
It uses consumers for what they are good at i.e. saying what they like and don’t like – nothing more.
It uses objective sensory data to identify what drives consumer liking (consumers are not particularly good at this).
It treats consumers as individuals with individual tastes, identifying preference segments where they exist.
It creates a statistical model that will predict the performance of new products, prototypes and competitors – without the need for further consumer testing.

Please contact us for a discussion about how OptiMap+™ can help you deliver the best performing product in the category.