We are always looking for volunteers to join our database of consumers and take part in our studies.
If you would like to sign up please read the information on this page and select a centre below.


For all other enquiries please contact our recruitment teams directly:


Please click the link below to sign up if you live outside of Reading and Nottingham.

Postal or Online Testing

If you live in Reading, and would like to take part, please click the link below.



If you live in Nottingham, and would like to take part, please click the link below. 



Consumer Policy

The COVID-19 Pandemic has necessitated many changes to enable safe working practices for staff and consumers entering the facility. This policy explains how SD will operate to minimise any risk, and applies to all consumers coming to the SD facilities for any reason.


This document should be read and understood prior to participation in any study. Click the link below to read our Consumer Policy:

COVID19 Policy for Consumers




Some of the most commonly asked questions about becoming a volunteer are answered below.

Who are we?

Sensory Dimensions is a consumer testing agency. We work with manufacturers of food, beverage, household and personal care products to help them understand what consumers like and dislike about their products and how to improve them.

How does it work?

When we are recruiting for a new study, a member of our Recruitment Team will contact you. They will ask you a series of questions (a screener) which will determine if you are suitable to take part. For example, if we were running a test on pizza, we may only want to recruit people who buy and eat pizza on a regular basis. The screener will therefore ask you a series of questions about your eating habits. If at the end you are suitable to take part we will offer you a choice of times on a specific date.

If you don't want to or can not participate that is fine...all our studies are voluntary and the choice if yours. However, if you do agree to take part and then find that you are unable to attend for any reason, please call to cancel or rearrange so that we can make sure we have enough people to meet the client's requirements.

How often will I be contacted?

We aim to invite you to take part every few months but this can vary depending on how busy we are and the type of people we need for our studies.

Will I be paid?

We pay a typical rate of £10 per hour to cover your expenses but this can vary depending on the study. In Reading this is paid in cash and in Nottingham as Love to Shop or Tesco shopping vouchers.

Payments for all postal/online studies will be made via Amazon vouchers.

Where will I need to go?

Our Nottingham site is near to Tesco, Top Valley. 

Reading Centre (Head Office)
Unit 5, Danehill
Cutbush Industrial Park
Lower Earley
Nottingham Centre
F1 & F2 or B4 & B5
Southglade Business Park

You will not be required to visit one of our sites for postal and online studies.

How do I sign up?

Please complete the form below. All data is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Where can I find additional information?

Reading:    0118 207 5990 or

Nottingham: 0115 975 8728 or

Our Facebook pages will give you information about new studies.


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If you would like to become a volunteer consumer, select a centre from the list below and fill out the short form.

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