Product Testing Community: FAQs

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Some of the most commonly asked questions about becoming a volunteer are answered below.

How to Join our Consumer community?

How do I apply?

Visit the “Please Register” box on the Product Testing Community page. Choose our desired location and submit. By signing up to become a consumer product tester with us you will automatically be signed up to our online platform – RedJade.

Individual study information will be communicated from RedJade which will lead you through an online screening questionnaire.

Why can’t I access my RedJade account?

Check the RedJade address that you log onto. It should be If this does not work and you believe your account is deactive, please contact us on [email protected].

Who can take part ?

Anyone who is registered to be part of our consumer community; however each individual study will have specific screening criteria that must be met.

How old do I have to be to participate?

Most studies target 18-65 years old, however some of our studies target a wider age variance and therefore require older and/or younger participants.

Can I recommend someone else to join?

Yes of course! Just direct them to the “ Please Register” section on the Product Testing Community page to register their interest in joining our Consumer Community.

What types of products may be tested?

Our research studies largely evaluate a range of products within food and beverage as well as home and personal care products.

Where does product testing take place?

Studies take place either online, at home or onsite at our dedicated facilities in Nottingham or Reading.

How do I participate on a study?

For every research study you will be asked to go through a screening process. This is a set of questions, given to us by our clients,
to check eligibility. The screening questions may ask you about your age, gender, buying habits, shopping responsibility,
occupation etc. If you complete the screener successfully you will be asked if you would like to book on as a study participant. For
an onsite test you will need to select a date and time. For home use tests you will need to select the green button to confirm
your interest in participation.

Will I be paid?

Yes, our studies are paid. Each study varies but we pay a typical rate of £10-15 per hour to cover any expenses.

Product Testing

When will I get onto my first study?

Once registered you will be eligible to participate in studies. Details of each study we are recruiting for, where you are
identified as eligible, are sent out by email via our RedJade platform. Check your spam folder in case they are directed to there instead of your inbox.

How will products be sent to me for online or home use tests?

We use a third-party courier for our home use testing. You will be asked in the screening process about if you are
comfortable having your information passed onto them or not. If not, unfortunately you will not be able to participate in
the testing.

I’m not getting any email invitations or calls, why is this?

We may have sent an email to a smaller group of people to find a specific target group first. We have a limited number of
phone recruiters who work so please be patient if you request a phone call about a study.

Can I pass the product onto someone else to test?

No. You have been selected via the screening process and it is your opinions that are wanted.

Can someone screen themselves using my account or email?

No. We state this very clearly in each study recruitment email. If someone else is interested they need to sign up and screen
themselves. If we are made aware that someone has booked on using your information they will be taken off the study and
you may be taken off the database.

How do I cancel off a study?

Please respond to the confirmation email to cancel off a study. We appreciate as much notice as possible. If you do not
cancel you will be counted as a ‘no-show’. After 3 ‘no-shows’ you may be removed from the database. If you are unable to
cancel before the study begins please let us know as soon as possible after so you are not counted as a ‘no-show’.

I have been emailed for a last-minute study, why is this?

If we get a high rate of cancellations we may send out an email to people on the day of the study to try and fill these places
on the study. If you cannot make it, that is not a problem.

Why is there a delay with my study?

With home-use tests we rely on our clients sending us the products on time to enable us to send them to you. If there is a
delay in this then we are unable to send the products onto you and this will mean shifting the whole study.

Can I take part if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

Unfortunately not. We test prototype products and whilst they are safe for consumption we do not want to put anyone at
any risk. Our clients are strict about this as they want to safeguard you as a consumer.

Can I take part if I have certain dietary requirements or religious beliefs?

Our screeners state if a product is suitable for different groups of people, not every product may be suitable for vegans or vegetarians
etc. Screeners also include questions on if a product is suitable for a specific religious diet or not. If you are unsure please feel free to
contact us.

Can consumers of all ages participate in product research tests?

Sensory Dimensions are a Market Research Society Company Partner, demonstrating our commitment to quality research.
We manage a testing service for clients who are designing and developing products, packaging or new advertising
campaigns which target a particular segment of the population.

To produce meaningful and representative market research data, research is carried out on a small number of consumers
who belong to this target segment. The target segment is different for each piece of research and is defined by age,
gender, income, brand awareness, frequency of buying a particular product, flavour preferences, whether or not they shop
in certain supermarkets and many other factors. The target segment that we recruit for our studies is always determined by
the client company, and not by Sensory Dimensions. In order to qualify for a study, consumers are screened to ensure they
are the correct target for the research, which is why we ask questions about eligibility, including age, gender etc

Most studies target 18-65yrs, however some of our studies target a wider age variance and therefore require older and/or
younger participants.

Problems booking onto a study?

Why can’t I get onto a study I am interested in?

To ensure the right mix of volunteers each test has a very specific set of requirements. Our clients look for a range of people with a mix
of ages, genders, users of products, non-users of products etc. When a study is fully recruited you may still pass the screener and fall
into the “alternate” category. We have this category so that if anyone testing drops out we can contact those who have successfully
screened to take the place. Most of our screener questionnaires are set to terminate at the end so we have a full view of your answers.
We understand this can be frustrating. Unfortunately, this is part of the process.

I am unsure if I am booked onto the study?

You should receive a confirmation email stating that you have been booked onto the study. This may go into your junk/spam email
folder so please check.

If you are successful in booking onto a study you will be able to select a convenient date and time for our onsite testing. These
confirmation emails do not contain your specific times so please ensure you have made a note of these. You will receive a reminder
email the day before if you are testing onsite.

If you are successful in booking onto a home-use test you will be asked specifically if you want to participate further. To confirm your
place select the green button at the end of the screener. The project manager will then be in touch with details closer to the study

Why can’t I use the same email account as someone else?

RedJade will only let one person have a specific email address. If you share an email address with someone only one of you will be able
to receive emails from RedJade.


When can I expect payment?

Payment is processed up to 5 working days after the final study date. For example, if you have a test running from the 8th to the 20th but
you only need to complete 4 days within this time frame you will be paid 5 working days after the 20th as that is the end of the testing

Why have I not been paid yet?

Currently payment is through e-vouchers for completed studies and these can take up to 5 working days to process from the study end
date. Please make sure you check your junk/spam folder for payment in case the emails have gone there.
If after the 5 working days you cannot locate your e-vouchers please email in with your full name, date of participation, email address the
voucher should have gone to and information on the product you were testing so we can assist you more quickly.

Issues with my voucher or Love2Shop reloadable card

These guides ‘Exchanging Your Love2shop Card online for e-codes’ and ‘Information about your Love2shop Gift Card’ may help with any queries. If you are experiencing problems with your vouchers please email the helpline indicated in email for further assistance. Love2Shop are best equipped to help you with specific issues.

Issues with my Love2Shop e-voucher

Love2Shop Q&A page has useful information and answers to assist you at Access the ‘How to’ video on Love2Shop website for more details on how to use e-vouchers

Home-Use tests & Online studies

Product not received, what should I do?

If you are expecting your parcel and have not had it delivered please contact the project manager in charge of your study. If there has been a planned delay we will let you know in advance. If the delivery company try to deliver your parcel but you are out they will attempt redelivery the next day.

Can I take the product on holiday to test?

Generally we want you to be testing the products in your home environment. If this is ever not the case we will state it in the screener.

My product has arrived damaged / something is missing, what should I do?

Contact the project manager in charge of your study so they can advise on what to do.

Onsite studies

Onsite testing–what do I need to do?

You will receive reminder emails containing all instructions for each onsite study you participate in. Every reminder will include a list of do’s and don’ts about preparing for and completing product testing. You will be notified when to arrive and the processes that you need to follow. Currently we are including additional instructions about on site studies related to COVID.

Where can I park?

There is plenty of parking outside our testing facilities. In Reading, you can also park on Danehill, the approach road leading to the testing facility.

Can I bring family (including children) to the facility?

No, you cannot bring anyone with you to the testing facility.

Can I use my mobile phone during a study?

No. You cannot use your mobile during the study. If you are found to be using your phone you may be asked to leave without payment. This is because we are often testing prototype products and we do not want people outside of the testing facility to be aware of what we are testing.

Can I smoke / use and E-Cig during a study?

No. You cannot smoke or use an E-Cig during a study. This is because the smell of the product will skew yours and others senses. We also ask that you do not smoke or use and E-Cig for at least 30 minutes prior to visiting the testing facility so the smell has dissipated. If you try and smoke or use and E-Cig during the study you will be asked to leave without pay and potentially removed from the database.

How are studies affected by COVID-19?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has necessitated many changes to enable safe working practices for staff and consumers entering the facility. This policy explains how SD will operate to minimise any risk, and applies to all consumers coming to the SD facilities for any reason.

Sensory Dimensions are committed to the safety of all staff and visitors to our facilities. Therefore, our COVID-19 protocols and processes will remain in place until further notice. Sensory Dimensions will, for the foreseeable future:

  • maintain social distancing within our facility
  • with reduced numbers of consumers in the booth rooms
  • continue with the one-way system in place
  • Visitors and the consumer community will also be requested to wear a face covering while they are onsite

We will continue to decline entry to anyone who has experienced any COVID related symptoms or presents with a high temperature. Staff working on site will continue to wear face coverings.

This document should be read and understood prior to participation in any study. Click the link below to read our Consumer Policy:

COVID19 Policy for Consumers

What happens to my data?

If you apply as a volunteer consumer, Sensory Dimensions asks for your explicit consent to hold your personal data, so that we may invite you to participate in research on consumer goods, for example food, drinks, home, personal and healthcare products. We will hold your personal data for a period of five years after your last interaction with us. You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us.

Our full privacy policy, along with information on how to contact us, can be viewed here.

We have introduced additional measures to ensure safe working practices for our staff and consumers. Our Covid-19 Health and safety policies can also be viewed here.

Find out what our consumers are saying about testing in lockdown.

Click here: Feedback

Where can I find additional information?

Reading: 0118 207 5990

Nottingham: 0115 975 8728

If you would like to speak to our team directly