Validation of Supply Chain Change

Guiding change for a more consistent consumer experience

The Challenge

The flavour and texture properties of a chocolate product were variable across our client’s supply chain resulting in an inconsistent consumer experience. Guidance was needed to understand the extent and nature of the fluctuation in order to influence change amongst suppliers.

The Solution

Our trained Sensory Panel used SensEye™ to determine the range of sensory variation across all manufacturing sites and compared against the favoured profile.

Evaluation covered the appearance, aroma, flavour, texture, aftertaste, and aftereffects of each sample. Each attribute was defined verbally with reference to external standards where appropriate and then rated for its intensity.

The Outcome

Clarity on the range of sensory quality the brand was delivering and the sensory properties that varied the most.

Reliable data to form the basis of conversations with suppliers to guide change resulting in a more consistent consumer experience from the brand.