Supporting Claims for Cosmetics in Consumer Context

The Challenge

To support the claims of a “Long Lasting, High Volume, mascara, Suitable for people with Sensitive Eyes”.

The Solution

  • A home user trial amongst 100 regular users of mascara who were self-reported as having sensitive eyes. Over a period of 2 weeks, respondents wore the mascara at least 5 times and did not remove or reapply for 24 hours on at least two occasions.
  • They reported the impact of the mascara on the length, volume and definition of lashes throughout the trial, and reported the ease of application and non-clumping nature of the mascara.
  • Participants were asked if they experienced any irritation to the eyes when wearing the mascara.

The Outcome

  • 80% of users agreed that the product improved the volume of their lashes and that these effects lasted all day.
  • The mascara was found to be easy to apply without clumping.
  • Very low irritation reports among participants supported the suitable for sensitive eye claim.
  • The product claims were supported.