Reformulating Natural Yoghurt

The Challenge

In the face of fierce competition from own label, our client needed to understand how the sensory experience of their product could be repositioned whilst retaining a difference from competitors and providing a product experience that would drive brand penetration and sales.

The Solution

We used OptiMap+ to reveal the combination of appearance, aroma, flavour and texture attributes that would create a yoghurt with optimal consumer liking.

Our study involved 13 yogurts selected from across the competitor landscape. The sensory panel assessed the yogurts for 43 carefully defined attributes, and consumer product testing amongst current and target brand buyers generated liking data. Together these data sets were co-analysed using the OptiMap+ modelling technique.

The Outcome

We could define a clear direction for product improvement to optimise the sensory profile which focussed on acidity reduction.

The proposed changes were implemented by the technologist and the improvement in product appeal was validated by subsequent quantitative consumer research.