Re-designing Toothpaste Packaging

The Sensory, Emotional and Functional Messages from Packaging

The Challenge

To define a strategy for improving the pack design of a toothpaste to enhance market share.

The Solution

Consumers took part in depth Repertory Grid interviews to reveal the emotional, sensory and quality constructs used to differentiate between toothpaste packs and brands. This was followed by rating of the products against these constructs producing not only a map of how the market is perceived by consumers but also the emotional and performance characteristics that separate and group brands.

The Outcome

Generation of trust, confidence, excitement and approval were essential drivers to toothpaste purchase and could be elicited by a strong brand, interesting pack design, on-pack information or by whitening claims. Positive emotions led to an expectation of breath freshening and strong, minty, tingly flavour and mouthfeel, which were all consistent with strong purchase intent.