New Healthy Snacks for Busy Women

Co-creation of new snacks using Mobile Technology

The Challenge

To create concepts for the next generation of indulgent, healthy snacks that meet the needs of busy women.

The Solution

We recruited a team of articulate and creative women for a four-week co-creation journey. Our team diarised their snacking in real time using mobile tools; created a concept for the ideal snack to meet their needs; presented and refined the concepts with the client in interactive Product Labs™ and derived clear ingredient guidelines and recipe ideas.

The Outcome

Working directly with consumers gave the client maximum insight into their snacking motivations and frustrations. They were also able to interact with the product ideas directly and discuss and refine the propositions in the moment.

The Result? Clear guidelines on how to satisfy both healthiness and indulgence in a snack that would fit the busy lifestyle of its target audience.