Ensuring Softness and Fragrance in Fabric Care

Optimising fragrance longevity and fabric softness

The Challenge

Our client was investigating new technologies in laundry fragrance to optimise the known consumer benefits of fragrance longevity and fabric softness. There was a need to understand how the various technologies performed relative to each other and against competition and, at a time when consumers are economising, how this performance is maintained at lower than suggested doses.

The Solution

A designed experiment that investigated 14 samples each at three dose levels.

Preparation of fabric samples in our in-house laundry following our client’s in-house protocol

Assessment of fabrics for their fragrance or “perfume intensity”, and “softness” by our trained sensory panel; assessment damp, dry, dry after 1 week and dry after 2 weeks.

The Outcome

Overall, the client’s product provided long-lasting fragrance which was impacted minimally by reducing the dose. One sample provided a stronger fragrance for up to one week. The results provided confidence that the product would satisfy consumer needs even if less than the recommended dose was added to the wash.