Driving Innovation in RTD Chilled Coffee

Extending the product range

The Challenge

Our client was seeking to develop a Ready to Drink chilled coffee that met the consumer’s need for everyday drinking. It was essential that this product offered a new experience in an already crowded market.

The Solution

A two-stage approach using trained sensory panels and concept-led consumer product testing. We set out to understand the existing sensory landscape and determine what existing products consumers would define as ‘everyday’. From this we would identify the principal sensory and recipe parameters that are most influential.

At stage 1 we employed our OptiMap+TM technique to define the sensory quality of the existing chilled RTD coffees, to map the sensory landscape and to define the sensory profile of an ideal everyday brew.

Following development of a range of prototypes, at Stage 2 the sensory panel assessed these against the ideal sensory profile. Those that were closet to target, went into consumer validation testing to measure concept fit, overall appeal and purchase intent.

The Outcome

Validated formulations were ready to launch without any further product modification. The sensory experience delivered fitted the concept well and out-performed competitor products.

The new product was launched to extend the client’s product range.