Defining the Best Ice Cream Flavour Range

TURF determines the Optimum Product Range

The Challenge

To select three flavours to complement a core range of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream.

The Solution

Consumers evaluated the three core flavours plus eight contenders in branded product consumer research. Total Unduplicated Range and Frequency analysis (TURF) was used to identify the six flavours that would appeal to the widest possible number of people.

The Outcome

The choice of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla as the core flavours was validated. However, the option of including Cookies and Cream was dropped in favour of Cherry as those who would buy Cookies and Cream were the same people who would also buy Chocolate. The TURF approach allowed the client to successfully re-launch a range of six delicious flavours adding Cherry, Pistachio and Mint Choc Chip to the three core SKUs.