Bringing New Vegetables to Market

Qualitative Focus Groups create a Retail Trade Story

The Challenge

To develop a trade story to take to UK retailers to persuade them to stock two new green bean varieties.

The Solution

A series of qualitative focus groups with target consumers explored current use of green beans in the home and their role within the vegetable repertoire. Key quality indicators and nutritional and taste cues were also defined. Output also included feedback on the taste and texture of the new varieties, suggested usage ideas plus allowed real time observation of preparation.

The Outcome

Research showed that one of the two varieties was clearly more popular allowing future trade activity to focus on this. Outputs were used to design on pack preparation instructions and information, select the packaging type and the format for sale of the beans. With the knowledge of how the beans would be used and prepared in the home, a convincing trade story was developed, and the beans introduced to several UK supermarkets.