Sierra Leone Update - Rory's Well

Sierra Leone Update - Rory's Well

Sensory Dimensions have continued their work with the charity Rory’s Well to improve the lives of some of the communities in Sierra Leone. 

Good News from Sonjour 1

Last week we received news that the well in Njalawahun, the lead village in the Sonjour 1 district, has been fixed. The farming harvest has been good this year, and it has been a bumper year for honey, with 600lbs already collected! In Jakama, the have started work converting the rice swamps into a new herringbone system to help with pest control. 


Despite all this progress, sadly COVID-19 has spread in Sierra Leone to the districts. Rory’s Well have responded by distributing hygiene supplies to help protect villagers and keep their clean water flowing.

The villages are currently in lockdown, with people staying in their huts, which could have a devastating impact on their food sources; they can’t gather food, plant seeds or go to the market. Rory’s Well Trustees, project managers and close friends raised funds to buy and distribute over 5 tons of rice, however whilst this was sufficient to feed the most vulnerable in their communities for a few days, there were villages they couldn’t reach.

The full story is on the Rory’s Well website and if you would like to donate, Rory's Well have set up a fundraising page. A small donation can have a huge impact: 20p can feed 1 person for 1 day in lockdown and 100% of the funds is being used to feed families, secure future food and save lives impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.