Sensory Dimensions Research: Two New Articles

Sensory Dimensions Research: Two New Articles

We are very pleased to announce that Sensory Dimensions has been the lead author on a published article in the Journal of Hospital Infection and co-authors on an article for Wounds UK. Both groups have produced excellent research in these two areas, and the full articles can be viewed following the links below.

Impact of Hand Sanitizer

Effective alcohol-based hand rubs (ABHRs) and healthcare worker compliance with hand hygiene guidelines are important in the prevention of infection transmission in healthcare settings. Compliance to hand hygiene guidelines is affected by many factors including education, ABHR availability, time pressure, skin health, and user acceptance of the sensory properties of ABHRs during and after application.

Impact of hand sanitizer format (gel/foam/liquid) and dose amount on its sensory properties and acceptability for improving hand hygiene compliance by R. E. Greenaway, K. Ormandy, C. Fellows, T. Hollowood

This article is available to download until the 18th November 2018.

Mepilex Border Comfort for Wounds UK

It can be a challenge to find a comfortable adherent dressing that provides efficient exudate management, while maintaining a moist wound environment and remains in situ during daily activities. This article describes Mepilex® Border Comfort, a new advanced 5-layer dressing developed for the management of exuding wounds. Results of a user preference study comparing Mepilex® Border Comfort with six commonly used silicone-bordered foam dressings among people without wounds and data from a product evaluation of the dressing on skin tears are also presented.