SCS Cosmetics Conference, Paris

SCS Cosmetics Conference, Paris

Sensory Dimensions were thrilled to attend the In-Cosmetics Conference in April. A key theme through the week was how advances in technology will allow for more product personalisation.

The Conference venue was an impressive set up with fantastic opportunity to meet so many suppliers, it was very comforting to see some familiar faces (such as IFF) among so many new names.

We were very privileged to see so many novel technologies and ingredients on display creating the potential for more effective and innovative cosmetics in the future; and were amazed by how many suppliers were offering plant based and natural ingredient product ranges.

Workshops on Claim Substantiation, Emotions and Beauty, and the Skin Microbiome were of particular interest, all of which inspired us to think about the novel research we could get involved with. 

We’re very excited at the possibilities in this sector and can't wait to be part of the journey of any future products. It seems we could be interacting with cosmetics very differently in the near future!